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Slot Machines Secrets. How to Win at Slots:

The secret to winning on slot machines is timing. We already know that every slot machine has a payback percentage. The best paybacks are with the higher denomination slots. $1 and $5 dollars slot gives you higher payback percentages when compared to quarters or nickels. Also higher denominations have higher jackpots.


If you truly want to get the best slot machined payback percentage from playing the slots in the casino, then you should play high limit slot machines. Casinos make most of their money from Slot Machines. Table games such as blackjack give better odds for the player. However, table games take a lot of time and patience. Casino Slot machines offer a lot more of excitement and if you hit, a good quick payoff. I highly recommend playing high limits if you like playing slot machines. The following is the average payback percentage of most casinos: 25¢ = 90.86%, 50¢ = 91.03%, $1.00 = 92.06%, $5.00 = 94.51%, $10.00 = 95.10%, $25.00 = 95.41%, and $100.00 = 94.08%.

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Now we all agree that all slot machines must pay something back. But how do we catch them when they are ready to pay? Answer; watch the slot machines and watch the players. If you noticed that someone has just hit a small jackpot or a good payout on a machine, play it. Slots sometimes have a certain amount to pay out over a period of time. The machine might still have more to pay out after it just gave a nice payout. If a slot machine has to pay $4,000, it might payout with two separate $2,000 jackpots. Now you don't have to stay with that machine until it pays, it could be that it has paid out. But it's worth giving it a few spins. Of course we can't guarantee you a win at the slots, but you might find this bit of advice helpful. Here are a few winning Slot Machine Tips and rules you should follow:

lucky  First, don't consume alcohol when gambling, if you plan to win or leave with more money than you came with. The Casinos offer alcohol beverages not just because they want to be nice to you. I like having a nice beer with friends or with a good meal. However, alcohol and gambling is a bad combination.

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lucky  Check out the Pay Tables.  Many times patrons walk up to the first machine they see, drop a coin in the slot and the reel hits three 7's right on the line, However, they are disappointed to find out that they must play three coins for that combination to win. Most progressive slots require that you play the maximum amount. If you can afford it, you should always play the maximum. Read the pay tables. Why would you invest $100 in a slot machine that pays only $250 jackpot?
lucky  Try playing the machines that are 1 to 3 seats from the end.  It doesn't matter which side. The casino like for patrons to see their jackpots, they entice others to play. I know it has been said that all the machines in a casino are the same. Well if this is so then why do some casino proudly advertise that they have slots that payback 99%. This system seems to work well for me.  

lucky  Know when to walk away.  This may be the hardest step of them all. When you gamble your adrenalin begins to flow and sometimes we get caught up in the moment. Make a conscience decision before you start to play and while you are playing to decide how much is enough, before you move on to the next game or machine. You must have an exit strategy.

lucky  Take breaks.  If you find that you are winning, take a moment to go to the restroom, wash your face, have a snack, or walk around for a minute. If you like to come back to the same machine maybe you can have someone to hold it for you for a couple of minutes.

lucky  Don't Loose your head.  You may not win at the first few machines. If you did not win, don't try to make the machine hit. Most casinos have thousands of slots, MOVE ON.

lucky  Divide your play into thirds.  If you have, let's say $300 , and you like playing slots, then try playing $100 on dollar slots, $100 on 50 cents slots and $100 on quarters slots. Choose a progressive machine somewhere in this play. People do win on progressive machines, so why not try a few spins.

Progressive Jackpots slot machines or video slots are becoming more and more popular in most casinos. Recently (in December 2008) another big progressive jackpot win at Mohegan's Sun casino in Connecticut. The jackpot was more than 1.2 million dollars on a Wheel Of Fortune $5 Slot This is the third progressive jackpot on wheel of fortune I observed at Mohegan's Sun. There may have been more progressive jackpots. Progressive slots machines hit on 25 cent, $1 and $5 wheel of fortune slots. Progressive slot machines do hit. There is no special secret to winning on these machines other than to play them and always play the max. Most progressive slots are connected to several casinos and there's no way to tell which casino will have the next big win. Remember, big jackpots do happen, but you must play the max.


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